Classic HiFi Accoustic Foam Grills

More about foam HiFi grills:-

If you're looking here then I suspect you already know that after time the foam grills on classic HiFi speakers start to degrade into little piles of black dust on the carpet. It was about 5 years ago when I was asked to make my first set. I already had the foam in large sheets for the pro audio steel grills and a desperate e-mail from a Linn Sara owner set me on the path. With dimensions and a drawing from him, plus reference to some photographs on the net I produced my first set. I've gone on to make then for Naim, IBLs, Naim SBLs, and Linn Isobariks. I have very accurate templates made for all the foregoing and the results are very close to the originals, although in some cases I have made minor changes which hopefully improve the originals.

Linn Sara

The original Sara grills don't actually have relief for the tweeter but I always include it. If you want them made as per original say so and I can always leave the tweeter relief out

Linn Sara vintage HiFi foam speaker grill

Naim IBL

The IBL grills as designed by Naim were made with a large cutout which was almost the entire size of the grill The whole foam was only supported on about 10mm around the edge of the grill. This meant that the centre of the grill started to sag after a relatively short time. My cutouts are restricted to the actual driver size although after consultation with an IBL expert on one of the forums I was careful to leave the whole tweeter face plate free as it is intended to resonate.

Naim IBL vintage HiFi foam speaker grill

Naim SBL

The SBL 4 piece grill set has driver relief for both woofer and tweeter, although I used an 8 sided driver for the woofer when I had the template made. I believe the originals were actually round, but I've sold many sets of SBL grills without a single complaint. They haven't just gone to the UK, there's feedback on ebay from satisfied customers all around Europe, plus Hong Kong, Singapore, USA and China.

Naim SBL vintage HiFi foam speaker grill

I say this to all my customers, If you're not satisfied, just send them back. I'll refund the full amount to you including the outgoing postage. All you pay is the postage to return them I've yet to have a set of any foam grills returned.

Also feel free to enquire about any other makes and models. I can't guarantee to help but if you send me detailed measurements, a sketch and photo I'm happy to look. If I think I can make them I'll quote. Same applies, If you're not happy when you get them, send 'em back.

Foam Grills